Say hello to corkboard!


I hope you have been waiting for this. And finally it happened! Corkboard is ready in KIT Scenarist version 0.7.0 beta 1!!!

Of course the bugs may happen, but it's a big work around whis module. As always it was be not so easy but very interesting!

So, what we have and how we can interact with it!?

In the sidebar I added a new tab named "Cards". It contains all that we need. Into this tab you can add cards, notes, horizontal and vertical lines on cork board (look at the buttons on toolbar). To edit the card, note or flow text just make double click on target. The right click is allow you to operate card's colors, add new cards and delete selected (also you can delete items from corkboard with delete keyboard button).

Cards can be freely moved around the work area. You can change their size. You can zoom in and out, as usual in any convenient way. Also, the corkboard can be moved by holding down the space bar on the keyboard and moving mouse with pressed left button. If the workspace you are missing, you can move the card beyond it and it will automatically expand.

If you need to arrange cards, you can do this using the appropriate button on the toolbar. There is one important point - you can not arrange a scheme with folders or groups of schemes.

To change the order of the cards, you need to put the card on the connection between the other two cards.

Cards can be put into folders and scenes groups, just drag them inside and then drop it.

And of course the cards are synchronized with the text of the script. Any changes that you make in the cards appear in the script, and vice versa, all changes that you make in the script are displayed in the cards.

Known issues

The main problem at the moment is to undo the last action in the cards.:) I've figured out how it will function, but until it is ready, and so the first version comes without this functionality.

What's next?

In next releases I'll add undo and the ability to print cards.

This is probably all. If you have questions/suggestions/comments - welcome to the discussion.

Let's go!

Published: 1 November 2016


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