Please, make it more stable!

Hello everybody!

I'm glad to say that the stable version of KIT Scenarist 0.6.2 was released.

In addition to the fixes included in first beta version, a stable version improves even number of points, namely:

fixed a problem with saving the script when it was located on a flash drive, and it has been accidentally removed, or when project file is renamed. Now, application ensures that all changes properly saved and the project file itself has been in place;

• now, if you change the scene to a folder, or to a group of scenes, the entire text of the scene will correctly placed inside a folder or group of scenes;
• fixed problem with exporting outline in DOCX, when all the descriptions of scenes were written in uppercase;
• fixed a problem with the window title update, when you change the name of the script;
• improved the behavior of the search bar.

Application branch under number 0.6 is over and I completely switched to work with the corkboard.

Published: 28 October 2016


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