Who wanna print cards in version 0.7.1 beta 2?

Salute, comrades!:)

I want to say thank you for fast feedback and error reports. I already prepared the next beta version. It adds functional for printing cards. You can print them into Index Cards or on other paper, just specify cards count per page.

And in the second beta we fixed all critical bugs which were found in the first beta:

• fixed problems with the research module (flickering, freezing, crashing by using the context menu, and when you update the project name);
• on the card now displayed scene number;
• finally fixed the problem with the duplicate description of the scene (that sometimes also resulted in a freeze of the program);
• refined dialog for creating/editing card;
• updated translation files;
• improved drawing cards and acts;
• fixes many problems with the cards (problems with drag and drop cards into the acts, the problem with the change its titles and descriptions);
• fixed a problem transferring the text from the synopsis to outline and further work on it;
• improved algorithms for text correction (smart quotes, DOuble CApitals and other).

Thanks for the help! Tests continue! :)

Published: 23 February 2017


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