Group the cards in version KIT Scenarist 0.7.1 beta 3

Good day!

And here is the next beta version KIT Scenarist 0.7.1 beta 3 is published!

It added another useful feature - group cards.

What do you need to do for this?
1. Add a new card to the act, which will group the other cards.
2. Call context menu of this card and select the item "Convert to folder"
3. Drag and drop your cards into the group.

And other bugs was fixed, namely:

• fixed a problem with re-editing the description of the scene in the cards;
• now the mindmaps scene will be exactly the size as you need for the scheme.

What's next?

Perhaps this will be the last innovation in the current version. Next only to debug and polish the current functionality. But this does not mean that we'll stop development - no! I still have a lot of ideas on how we can improve the work with the cards, but see it in the following episode! Stay with us!;)

Published: 26 February 2017


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