Patched KIT Scenarist

Guys, hello everyone!

Yep, in the previous beta, there were expected problems. Suddenly was that they would be so critical! :)

So here is the next update covering the most critical of them:

• fixed the problem with playing sounds in Zen mode on computers with Windows and Linux;
• fixed the problem with export;
• fixed the problem with the hiding of the panels in the settings and other places of the program;
• fixed the problem with working with scenes nested in folders.

If you also lost all the settings, or any other important panels collapsed, here's the solution: move the mouse cursor to the edge of the window. A little to the left of the edge (a few millimeters) the mouse cursor will change. It will look like the arrows pointing left and right, catch it and drag it to the left. The hided panel will appear! This problem has been fixed so that the panel itself will not run away unless you want to do it yourself.

Thanks to all for the prompt information on the detected errors! Well, let's continue!?:)

Published: 8 January 2018


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