KIT Scenarist for mobile 1.3.0


And we have an update of the mobile version - KIT Scenarist 1.3.0! This update included:

- added ability to work with research text documents (Menu - Research). Now you can work with logline, synopsis, description of characters and locations, as well as with text documents. Create, edit and delete new notes and folders;
- the script is now displayed in such a way that the format is adjusted to the available screen width and does not fill over the entire width. Now the scripts will look much more pleasant and familiar;
- the font size is now set in the settings simultaneously for research and script text;
- fixed the problem with exporting the script to PDF on some Android-devices;
- fixed the problem with deleting projects (and other dialog boxes) in iOS;
- fixed the problem with switching the style of the block using the TAB key of the external keyboard on iOS;
- added the check for invalid characters in the project name when creating it;
- the quality of the icons has been significantly improved (now they will not look soapy on devices with a high screen resolution).

The update has already flown to application stores and will be available on Android within the next couple of hours, and on iOS within the next couple of days :)

Published: 11 June 2018


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