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Hey, guys! I seem to be back!

After the last message there were many questions about what it was and how it will work - I do not want to disclose all the cards yet, I will only say that it will be an opportunity to fix the versions of the script and at least compare the versions and roll back to the previous one if necessary. But, I hope this is not all that will be associated with the versioning :)

By and large, I only have to finish the last two possibilities for beta 9 - it's versioning and double dialogues, it's not easy to get this frontier, but I'm sure that it will be taken. After that, there will be a hard bugfix party. Already a lot of error reports have accumulated and it's very cool! Thank you guys for continuing to water our sprout! It will necessarily grow even higher, it will become even more beautiful and, finally, turn into a tree!

Published: 16 August 2018


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