KIT Scenarist for mobile 1.5.0

Hey everyone,

KIT Scenarist for Mobile 1.5.0 is out today!

Here’s what’s inside:
- Updated version of the app core (pulled up a lot of fixes from the desktop version over the past year);
- Added the image gallery module;
- Scripts backups have been implemented;
- Possibility to restore a script from a backup copy has been added;
- Temporarily removed the item with the scripts versions from the research module (until the next update when we’ll add full support of this functionality);
- Fixed an issue with selection and scrolling of cards (you may now select them with a single or double tap, and a long tap to move the card to another place on the board);
- Fixed an issue when the names of the characters or locations were erased if they’ve been changed in the development module (now they are correctly updated in the script, too).

Published: 2 July 2021


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