Participate in the project

KIT Scenarist is an open project, so if you have the desire and time to become part of the project, we will be very glad to your help in its development. There are many ways how you can participate in the project and thereby make it better, regardless of whether you have technical skills or not.

Join the development and design team

Currently Alexey and I are working on a project together, and of course, we do not have enough time to implement all the ideas and correct all the problems of those present in the program. Just look into our repository, the backlog of 200+ tasks is waiting for its heroes :) despite the fact that there are not all the ideas put on the list, the list of which is constantly growing and updated.

If you want to criticize the code, or just chat on development issues - welcome to our telegram chat!

And we also dream that the designer joined our project. If you like to design user interaction and create handy tools, join us! Let's create the coolest project organizer and text editor together!

Report about errors in the application

Of course, KIT Scenarist is almost hasn't errors :) but if you will encounter a problem, or the program in your opinion does something wrong, tell it in any convenient way.

Create instructions and tutorials, write books about the program

As it turned out, writing the code of the program and the documentation for it are two tasks that require roughly equal effort, so we, as a team of developers give preference to the code. Of course, we create small instructions from time to time, but this is clearly not enough. So if you are an experienced user, or want to become one, figuring out all the features of the program - maybe it will be possible for you to write help on how to use the program!?

Or maybe you'll create a book on how to create scripts in the app, showing, with an example of a real script, all the features of the program!? Isn't then a way to promote your script... at least think about it! ;)

Large or small tutorial articles or video tutorials would also be priceless for the community.

Translate the program and documentation into your native language

Everyone will say that working with the program is much more pleasant when she talks to you in one language. If the program has not yet been translated into your native language, or if you have found that you can improve in the current version of the translation, tell us about it.

If you want more, we will be happy to add translation of not only the program, but also documentation of the program.

Tell about the program

Most likely, after you tried the program, you wanted to share your impressions of working with it - excellent, tell about it on your social networking page, when meeting friends or at a special event to filmmakers. Write a review article, or if earlier you used (or are still using) other programs, write a comparative review.

If you made a film, and the script was created with the help of the app, mention us in the credits and do not forget to invite to the premiere! ;)

Help less experienced users

If someone asks for help or questions in groups on social networks, or on forums, help colleagues. We do not always have enough time to answer all the questions, and community help will be very pleasant to the beginning users of the program.

Have thought up as it is possible to help!?

Write to us about this, we are open to all suggestions and try to answer each incoming letter!

See you later, friend! :)