KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 release candidate 1


And we have an update! Today, finally, we will move the latest beta version to the release candidate status!

In the current version, we made several improvements over the previous beta:
- improved program performance when working with script text;
- fixed problem with drawing the cursor (for Hebrew and Farsi fixed problem with positioning the cursor in the empty line);
- fixed problem with slowing down the typewriter sounds;
- fixed a problem with importing a DOCX document, when character dialogues were defined as actions;
- improved export of documents to PDF and DOCX;
- improved import and export in the fountain format.

If you have not been updated for a long time and have not followed the development of the program, then you can take a look at what was added to it on the way from version 0.7.1 to version 0.7.2:

Beta 1 -
Beta 2 -
Beta 3 -
Beta 4 -
Beta 5 -
Beta 6 -
Beta 7 -
Beta 8 -
Beta 9 -
Beta 9A -

All further improvements in the current version will include only improvements in performance and fixing of detected errors. All new features will be added in the next version 0.8.0.

In fact, it’s getting harder for me to support the project every day, so now I’m thinking about how it could be done so that on the one hand the project could develop and on the other hand I wouldn’t have to be torn between my main job, my family and KIT. Perhaps you have ideas or suggestions on how to do this - welcome to discussions or private messaging!

Published: 25 October 2018


Fede 25.10.2018 at 16:29 # Reply
Great work as usual! Maybe you could make it open source so the community could continue development or you could continue and set up a Patreon so that you get contributions. Patreons could get new releases a week earlier or so.
But what I do believe you should do is promote your software more. I do believe that it's a great app that is being continues grow rapidly so it kind of bothers me when I see people from the screenwriter community not knowing about it. You should get in contact with Nofilmschool, provideocolition, filmriot, and offer them the software with the mobile app for review. I think you will gain enough following to make this your full time job.
dimkanovikov 28.10.2018 at 14:18 # Reply
Hello Fede,

Thanks a lot for your thoughts!

The app already Open Source :) But what about your second suggestion - looks like you absolutely right! I need to promote it. I will write into suggested by you resources today! Thanks, my friend!
Mikey 26.10.2018 at 20:35 # Reply
Quick, easy note: "Bold" doesn't work. In my documents, nothing is/can be bolded now :O
dimkanovikov 28.10.2018 at 14:12 # Reply
Hello Mikey,

It does not work in the Research module or in the Script?
Mikey 01.11.2018 at 22:12 # Reply
Research module
dimkanovikov 03.11.2018 at 21:54 # Reply
Please recheck it in the latest update and if problem not gone can you provide a way how to reproduce this problem? Does it happen with a concrete document or with any document and any project?

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