Released KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc5


We have a small update KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 release candidate 5, which included a couple of fixes:

- fixed a problem with the fall of the program when adding links in the research module;
- slightly improved copying of the script text to the clipboard (text written in capital letters in the program will now be copied and pasted into other editors also in the form of capital letters).

That's it.

Published: 21 January 2019


Tak 22.01.2019 at 21:09 # Reply
small feature request
can you add the ability to toggle smart quotes in doubles "" like how the parentheses "()" auto type in doubles. i would like to use it for dialogue thanks.
dimkanovikov 27.01.2019 at 18:25 # Reply
Hello, Tak. Thanks for your message. Can you provide a small text example of what you mean?

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