We are launching crowdfunding in March

Hello! We are launching crowdfunding in March.


If in short, then technically, at the moment, we reached on the ceiling of development with the architecture that was chosen 6 years ago. I did not think then that the project would grow so much, and although the functional growth through which the program went through during this time surprised me myself, I have to state that further development is difficult. And currently, we need to go down to the roots to redesign the architecture of the entire application, taking into account the experience past years and future perspectives.

What for?

Such global changes require significant efforts and continuing to deal with it only in spare time or in the evenings, we'll have to wait 2-3 years to release the next version. I think that very few people will like this way, which is why I want to suggest that you speed it up. The collected funds will allow me to engage in full time in the project, which should reduce development time by at least five times.

What will you get?

In the new version of the program, we will move to the distribution model called Delayed Open Source with the release of major updates once every 100 days. In essence, this means that now there will be two versions of the application: paid which will include all the latest developments and free, which will functionally lag behind the paid version for about 100 days. If we look at an example, when version 0.8.1 is released, version 0.8.0 will become free and its source code will be opened. So, bakers will actually acquire the possibility of using a version that includes the latest improvements, plus of course we will add some unique lots.

What are our plans?

With the help of crowdfunding, we plan to attract at least 1 million rubles (~$16K). These funds will be enough for 5 months of work required for the improvement of the architecture and the release of the first update based on it. This update will be a version 0.8.0 and it will include the long-awaited opportunity to work with multi-series projects. Next, it will be functionality for showrunners, the ability to set goals, free positioning for cards, the timeline and much more. This is in short, more details about plans will be described in a fundraising company.


The crowdfunding company will start on March 19, 2019. In the meantime, we need to properly prepare for it!

Well, are you with us? Let's rock it! :)

Published: 30 January 2019


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