KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc9g and news about version 2.0

Hello friends! We have not been heard for a long time...

There are several reasons for this, and today I'll finally tell you what’s going on here, what news and plans.

Let's begin with that the KIT Scenarist update 0.7.2 rc9g was published yesterday. It included the correction of an error when the synopsis or logline of one project time to time was replaced by data from another project, as well as improved synchronization for scripts with a large number of review notes (color emphasis, comments).

As for the news, then everything is not so simple :)

Life has been so challenging in the last two months that I'm still recovering... Health, family, everything is downhill... the collapse of plans... a feeling of complete meaninglessness of my own actions... and a tearing feeling of loneliness and uselessness to anyone...

But time passes, and I bit by bit getting out. I am glad that I managed to let go of much of what I was trying to grab onto, sinking deeper and lower, various fears and prejudices, meaningless promises and obsessions. Now I'm back on my feet. I’m standing firmly, which means we will continue to go towards our goal - to make the best software for writers! During this time, a lot of debts rolled up, the feedback has been hanging in the mail since October... I really apologize for not responding right away. During this week, I’ll answer to everybody and try not to repeat it from now on.

And by the way, now I have every right to speak WE! The fact is that throughout all this time I received several offers from the studios for cooperation. To my great regret, they all looked like this - I give all the rights, all the developments, sit in their office for salary and now I’m continue to improve my own/develop new software according to the technical requirements of the studio... To be honest, all these years that I was developing KIT Scenarist, I just dreamed that a big production would come and take it under the wing. I think that it would be right for such specialized software to emerge under the wing of large and experienced production workers and then go out to the world. But...

Something went wrong in this scheme :) and so I decided to give up studio money and find the same crazies as I, who are ready to make a great product and change the world! And such guys were found! Now there are three of us, we are all from IT, we don’t understand the cinema business, but I think we’ll rock it! I will not represent everyone yet, but I think I will do it during the public launch of version 2.0.

So, now speak a bit about version 2.0.

It will not be just a version of KIT Scenarist 2.0, but it will be a completely new product and a new brand.

These will be two versions:
+ free version - it will include all the basic functions for working with the script (in fact, the script tab from the current KIT Scenarist, plus the ability to work on the text of the logline, synopsis, as well as the ability to create an unlimited number of scripts in one project);
+ pro version - will include all the features of the free version plus additional features: cards, mind maps, text documents, folders, advanced editors of characters, locations, worlds, images, project statistics, reports, showrunner tools and more.

Plus, there will also be the ability to syncing projects and work on documents with coauthors in real-time. This will be a completely new service in which we take into account all the issues encountered in the current version. The real-time collaboration will be available for all documents, even cards, and mental cards.

According to new plans, we expect to release the first beta version in March. Access to it will be available only to crowdfunding participants. And in May, we’ll launch a public beta test.

How are you guys here? Do you get your finger crossed for us?:)

P.S. The app on the screenshot has a custom theme. Yes, in the new version you can create your own color theme for the application.

Published: 27 January 2020


Isaac 28.01.2020 at 02:59 # Reply
Nice to see your keeping up the hard work on this! Love this program so much!
Acrónico 02.02.2020 at 20:24 # Reply
Hang in There. You are important!
You're software is helping me develop my own graphic novel. This means a lot to me as I also am struggling with the notion of purpose in my day job.
Keep up the good work!
Raghav 03.02.2020 at 11:48 # Reply
Your software makes it possible for my tiny self-funded business to churn out our own original work (as well as clients' requirements)... Please know that Kit Scenarist is the best thing out there in my humble opinion. So I understand why you want to split it into pro and free versions... and you probably should... and perhaps one day we will be able to afford such a plan, but for now, the fact that it is free really makes our lives possible. Wishing you all the best and looking forward to the continued success of Kit Scenarist.
rcentros 10.02.2020 at 03:48 # Reply
I like your plans and I'm looking forward to the new version(s). Thanks for all your hard work.

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