KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc9i

Hey guys,

Today we have a KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc9i update coming out. In addition to small fixes, it includes a couple of small but useful improvements.

You can now use additional colors as tags in cards and filter these cards on the board. You can also set tag text from the context menu when setting up additional colors. An additional button has been added in the toolbar to enable cards filtering.

Few other improvements:
- The title of the card is now displayed in full;
- Fixed the bug that editing the title of the act in the cards has only worked from the second time;
- Fixed the bug with saving user values in the location dictionary;
- Program interaction with cloud service at loss/recovery points has been improved;
- Updated Serbian translation;
- Added Arabic translation and a standard template;
- Fixed the problem with loading spelling dictionaries in Linux version.

That's it! I wish you a creative day, friends!

Published: 15 July 2020


Anoop K George 15.07.2020 at 13:23 # Reply
Any updates included for page break feature
dimkanovikov 04.08.2020 at 15:21 # Reply
Hello, Anoop. Currently, no plans for page break in KIT Scenarist. We plan to add them in the our new software
Bruno Kaelum 15.07.2020 at 14:41 # Reply
You all amazing, guys! Thnx
Michal 16.07.2020 at 13:30 # Reply
Great changes with cards!!!
Fede 20.07.2020 at 22:35 # Reply
Great update! Looking foward to the next version of Starc!
Fran 25.07.2020 at 01:29 # Reply
Hi! I'm having troubles downloading the new versiĆ³n. Basically, when I press the download button, it doesn't work and immediately appears the Install button, and after I press this button, the software shuts down.

And now when I open the software is running reaaaally slow and it gets stuck. =(

dimkanovikov 04.08.2020 at 15:23 # Reply
Hello, Fran, it sounds really strange. Please write us to the and we'll help you with this issue.
Ramananda Sagar 08.08.2020 at 12:41 # Reply
Add Voice Typing Feature
Please Add Voice typing Feature for English and Telugu.
02.06.2021 at 00:31 # Reply
Add Voice Typing Feature
We have such plans for the next KIT generation - Story Architect

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