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KIT Scenarist is a software for writing scripts, which is being developed in Russia.

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KIT Scenarist is open source software, which means free distribution and the possibility of free use of users around the world.

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Screenwriters about the app

You can share your thoughts, what should be the ideal software for a screenwriter, participate in the discussion of the functional of the program with other writers, or report on the errors you found in the program. It is very important for the author of the program to know the opinion of the end users - i.e. you, beginners and experienced screenwriters. Leave your advice and wishes for the program, you can on facebook page, IndieTalk forum, Done Deal Pro forum or via feedback form.

  • Garrett George

    I started using KIT Scenarist a while back, looking for a free alternative to what was out there. After some time using Cetlx and Trelby and a few others, I found that there were things about all of them that I did not like so, I kept looking. KIT wasn't an easy find, but I sure am glad I found it! The program developers seem to be Russian and so a lot of images one might see are in Russian and it was a bit scary downloading a program that I'd never heard of and originated in a foreign language.

    I took the chance and could not be happier. The entire site is in English and it has English (and many other versions) for PC, Mac and Linux and I believe a mobile option(s) as well that I have not looked into. The program itself works flawlessly, with plenty of customization, a beautiful layout, and options galore! It is a program that I think could easily be worth a lot of money, especially with continued development. I think it will be sold eventually and I would get it while it's free! I don;t think I will ever use another screenwriting program and neither should you!

    Also, an added benefit is VERY fast response from the dev. team. Thanks guys!

  • Donald Aribam

    I've been keeping up with every beta release of this software. I find that with every new version of the software, the developers make very well-thought-out changes that make the software really come together as an all-in-one tool for a screenwriter. KIT Scenarist is by far the most complete package that I have come across for 'screen writing from the ground up'. The interface is great - really intuitive, and I mean you don't even have to read the manual, you can have it installed and get started with your screenplay right away. KIT Scenarist looks very promising and I wish the team behind it a Grand Success.

We at present and we at future

Every day, we try to be better with each update. All ideas and thoughts, all desires and notes recorded pass strict control and submitted for implementation. If you have suggestions for improvement, fantastic ideas, or just comments then immediately report them! Let's together create the best software for screenwriters.

  • Index cards.
  • Convenient entry with automatic script text formatting paragraphs standard.
  • The ability to group scenes and script management structure.
  • Statistics on the script: timing, page count, words and symbols.
  • Import and export scripts in FDX, PDF, Fountain and DOCX formats.
  • Flexible template system allows you to change the formatting of the entire script in two clicks.
  • Storing photos, descriptions of the characters and locations in a single file with the script.
  • Review Mode (commenting, highlighting).
  • Production reports and plots
  • Storing projects in cloud.
  • Collaboration tools.
  • Mobile apps (Android, iOS).

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