A fully functional version of the application is free. You should pay just if you want to use cloud service for storing projects in it, for for real-time collaboration with your cowriters and for mobile versions.

If you do not need additional functions, but you still want to support the development of the project, then you can make a thanksgiving fee.

Placing projects in the cloud

The fee is charged for the placement of projects on a remote server, as well as for supporting the infrastructure of the joint work with projects. Thus, the subscription is needed only by the authors placing their own projects in the cloud. Authors who work in co-authorship with third-party projects can do not have to purchase a subscription.

After the end of the subscription, the projects are stored in the cloud for 30 days. If during this time the subscription has not been renewed, the projects are removed from the cloud.

Basic plan

Suitable for individual authors and small creative teams. The size of the available in the cloud space is 2 gigabytes. That will allow placing up to 10 working projects in the cloud to work with them simultaneously.

The cost of 299 rubles a month.

Advanced plan

Suitable for larger teams and companies that have more than 10 projects in their work. 10 gigabytes of space in the cloud storage are provided for use, as well as priority support.

The cost of 999 rubles a month.

Let us know that you want advanced plan.

Placing a cloud on your server

Suitable for companies that want to keep everything under control. You will be given program modules and corresponding instructions for installing the cloud service on your own server. Thus, all projects data will be stored on your personal server, and the program will only provide a convenient gateway to work in the usual way. This gives an additional guarantee of the security of intellectual property because You will have complete control over your projects.

The cost starts from 32000 rubles per month.

Let us know that you want to a personal cloud.

Support the development of KIT Scenarist

Dear friends, if you like our program and you do not use commercial services, but nevertheless want to support its development, you can make a thanksgiving fee.

Via PayPal service (USD)

Via PayPal service (EUR)

Via PayPal service (RUB)

Via Yandex.Money service

Credit cards (Visa / MasterCard), mobile phone bill, Yandex.Money

Thanks for the support!