Placing projects in the cloud

The cloud service gives authors the opportunity to collaborate on projects, as well as seamless synchronization of projects between all devices.

To connect to the cloud service, you need to register in it via the program (Menu - Authorization). After registration, free access to the service is provided for 30 days in order to try out its capabilities. After the end of the trial period, if you want you can extend the subscription for its use. If the subscription is not renewed, after 30 days, the projects which as placed in the cloud service will be removed from it.

You can renew a subscription through the user's personal account in the program (Menu - Account - Renew subscription). The cost of subscription depends on the number of months for which you purchase the service:

1 month - 4.99 USD
2 months - 9.99 USD
3 months - 14.99 USD
6 months - 27.9 USD (6% discount)
12 months - 52.9 USD (12% discount)

The fee is charged for placing projects on a remote server, as well as for supporting the infrastructure of the system for collaborative work with projects. Thus, only authors who place their own projects to the cloud need a subscription. Authors who work in collaboration with third-party projects are not required to purchase a subscription.

In order to see the cloud service in action, we suggest watching the introductory video:

Mobile version

KIT Scenarist will allow you to have at hand all your screenplays. You can write down ideas, work out dialogues of characters, or describe actions without leaving the hammock. Send the script to the editor by mail during a trip on the subway. And even edit projects at the same time as your co-authors from different parts of the globe.

• creation of projects on the device and in the cloud service;
• fill basic information about the script (script name, title page, logline, and synopsis);
• create lists of characters and locations and fill their descriptions;
• create text notes on the project with the ability to group notes by folders within each project;
• work with a ​screenplay in corkboard mode;
• viewing screenplay text and editing it in accordance with industry standards;
• view the list of scenes and navigate the text of the script;
• import scripts from the fdx, fountain, docx and kitsp formats from any installed application (mail, iCloud, Dropbox etc.);
• export notes and scripts to pdf, fdx, fountain docx and kitsp formats in any of the installed applications (mail, iCloud, Dropbox etc.).


Minimal supported version is Android 4.4 KitKat.

Download last version from Play Market.


Minimal supported version is iOS 8.0. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch..

Download last version from AppStore.


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