We launch the closed beta testing of KIT Scenarist 2.0

Hi folks,

It's time to open up and finally share the news about the new version.

Is this gonna be KIT Scenarist 2.0?

We’ve changed the concept. As I’ve mentioned earlier it will be a new product devoted to not just scripts (though we’ll start with that) but any kind of stories in general. So, we came up with the appropriate name - Story Architect (‘Starc’). We’ve launched a website and social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) so you could subscribe and follow the news.

What’s already done?

Although this version is still very early its already a working MVP:
- An unlimited number of stories for your project;
- An unlimited number of scripts within each story;
- Text typing works and as well as saving;
- A very basic scenario navigator;
- Some settings also work.

The most important forthcoming improvements:
- Adding template library;
- Dual dialogues in the script editor;
- Automatic page breakup;
- Undo/Redo the last action in the script editor.

The plans?

The plans are huge! We’ve published basic milestones on the website and will keep you informed on what’s up via social networks. We’ll try to issue important updates in a timely manner and keep you guys entertained in the meantime.

May I try?

We are happy to announce the beginning of closed beta testing! If you are willing to be one of the first users and help us test out the app feel free to leave us your e-mail on the website. We will make beta available gradually to be able to process feedback promptly and fix bugs, while continuing to go through the features backlog.

In case you need extra motivation we’ll host a contest after the beta test for those super active users that helped us with the most detailed feedback.

What’s with KIT Ssenarist?

KIT will get a couple more updates fixing some critical errors and adding new localizations. As soon as STARC can functionally replace KIT its further development will be postponed, though the app itself will remain available for installation and use.

Let’s go!

Please follow STARC below and sign up for a beta test! See you soon, friends! :)

Published: 29 April 2020


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