KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc9g and news about version 2.0

Hello friends! We have not been heard for a long time...

There are several reasons for this, and today I'll finally tell you what’s going on here, what news and plans.

Let's begin with that the KIT Scenarist update 0.7.2 rc9g was published yesterday. It included the correction of an error when the synopsis or logline of one project time to time was replaced by data from another project, as well as improved synchronization for scripts with a large number of review notes (color emphasis, comments).

As for the news, then everything is not so simple :)

Life has been so challenging in the last two months that I'm still recovering... Health, family, everything is downhill... the collapse of plans... a feeling of complete meaninglessness of my own actions... and a tearing feeling of loneliness and uselessness to anyone...

But time passes, and I bit by bit getting out. I am glad that I managed to let go of much of what I was trying to grab onto, sinking deeper and lower, various fears and prejudices, meaningless promises and obsessions. Now I'm back on my feet. I’m standing firmly, which means we will continue to go towards our goal - to make the best software for writers! During this time, a lot of debts rolled up, the feedback has been hanging in the mail since October... I really apologize for not responding right away. During this week, I’ll answer to everybody and try not to repeat it from now on.

And by the way, now I have every right to speak WE! The fact is that throughout all this time I received several offers from the studios for cooperation. To my great regret, they all looked like this - I give all the rights, all the developments, sit in their office for salary and now I’m continue to improve my own/develop new software according to the technical requirements of the studio... To be honest, all these years that I was developing KIT Scenarist, I just dreamed that a big production would come and take it under the wing. I think that it would be right for such specialized software to emerge under the wing of large and experienced production workers and then go out to the world. But...

Something went wrong in this scheme :) and so I decided to give up studio money and find the same crazies as I, who are ready to make a great product and change the world! And such guys were found! Now there are three of us, we are all from IT, we don’t understand the cinema business, but I think we’ll rock it! I will not represent everyone yet, but I think I will do it during the public launch of version 2.0.

So, now speak a bit about version 2.0.

It will not be just a version of KIT Scenarist 2.0, but it will be a completely new product and a new brand.

These will be two versions:
+ free version - it will include all the basic functions for working with the script (in fact, the script tab from the current KIT Scenarist, plus the ability to work on the text of the logline, synopsis, as well as the ability to create an unlimited number of scripts in one project);
+ pro version - will include all the features of the free version plus additional features: cards, mind maps, text documents, folders, advanced editors of characters, locations, worlds, images, project statistics, reports, showrunner tools and more.

Plus, there will also be the ability to syncing projects and work on documents with coauthors in real-time. This will be a completely new service in which we take into account all the issues encountered in the current version. The real-time collaboration will be available for all documents, even cards, and mental cards.

According to new plans, we expect to release the first beta version in March. Access to it will be available only to crowdfunding participants. And in May, we’ll launch a public beta test.

How are you guys here? Do you get your finger crossed for us?:)

P.S. The app on the screenshot has a custom theme. Yes, in the new version you can create your own color theme for the application.

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KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc9f


Today we publish an update of KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc9f, which includes:

- fix of a program crash in some cases when printing;
- improved synchronization and conflict management for offline changes;
- added support for Mac OS X Catalina;
- added Swedish interface translation.

P.S. I apologize for the long answers lately ... I am moving according to the plan - I need to work on a new version (I think that this will not even be a new version of KIT, but a new product), but! however, I do not abandon the current version and plan gradual improvements and fixes to the most critical problems. After this update, updates will be released for mobile versions, first for iOS, and then I will work on the version for Android (which has been abandoned for various reasons, but now we will update and improve it). Well, in parallel, I will process all incoming mail and I will definitely answer every one!

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KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc9e


Today we publish the next patch-release KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc9e. It includes:
- fixed the problem of saving synopsis in some cases;
- in the Windows version, the ability to activate scaling for high-DPI screen added (you can find a checkbox in the - Settings - Application - General). This should solve the problem when some PC display all the program interface elements too small.

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KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc9d

Salute, friends!

And here comes the next update! And it has a decent amount of bug fixes in the cards module!

Thanks to everyone who helped to search for problems and described the ways to reproduce them!

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KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc9b/rc9c

Salute guys!

We have another update! KIT Scenarist version 0.7.2 rc9b included the following improvements:
- fixed a problem with a huge interface size this time for Windows;
- fixed the problem with saving review marks and formatting text that fall on page breaks;
- fixed a problem with applying text formatting in a script.

Have a good week! :)

P.S. Today (September 24, 2019) I posted an update that fixes the problem with creating the "Scene heading" blocks in the script introduced by the previous update.

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KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc9a

Hi everybody.

Update 0.7.2 rc9a arrived. Under the hood:
- fixed problems with saving script changes in some cases;
- fixed a problem with synchronizing offline changes when reconnecting;
- fixed a problem with a huge interface size in some Linux distributions;
- added translation and spelling dictionary for the Slovenian;
- added spelling dictionary for Macedonian.

Then I plan to roll out the update for the mobile version, which will include these improvements and continue to work on the new version.

Have a nice day, everyone!

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KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc9


And here comes the update! Meet the KIT Scenarist version 0.7.2 rc9!

It includes the following improvements:
- the title page content is now located clearly in the center;
- fixed a problem with the character deletion hung dialog;
- fixed the problem with the wrong export template set by default for new projects;
- fixed the problem with saving the report with the character's dialogues, when all the replicas were displayed in gray and were not readable;
- fixed a problem with the incorrect name of the exported file in some cases;
- fixed a problem with changing the text register when formatting applied for several blocks;
- fixed a problem with broken hotkeys for mind maps.

I want to share my pain with you and ask for help - there is a problem in the KIT Scenarist with the fact that at some point the cards break... duplicate or empty cards appear... This problem has been detected on for a long time, but I can't find a way to reproduce it stably :( Usually, users write something like, well, you need to work half an hour, edit the text here and there, and problem may appear - this, unfortunately, is no good, for how many times I have not tried to reproduce, I did not succeed. I need a clear sequence of actions that leads to the manifestation of a problem. If I knew this sequence, the solution can be found in minutes.

So, I wanted to ask you - maybe you already know when this problem appears and what sequence of actions we need to make in order for it to manifest itself... in that case, please please, write me how this can be done! Or maybe you will be interested in finding out how this problem can be reproduced and you can find a way to reproduce it - I would be very grateful. This is probably the most unpleasant thing now, with which I would not like to leave the current project version... I, for my part, will gladly thank someone who will help in solving this problem! Not that we are organizing a competition to catch the bug, but still :) I really want to get rid of it and make our application a little better!

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