KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc9d

Salute, friends!

And here comes the next update! And it has a decent amount of bug fixes in the cards module!

Thanks to everyone who helped to search for problems and described the ways to reproduce them!

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KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc9b/rc9c

Salute guys!

We have another update! KIT Scenarist version 0.7.2 rc9b included the following improvements:
- fixed a problem with a huge interface size this time for Windows;
- fixed the problem with saving review marks and formatting text that fall on page breaks;
- fixed a problem with applying text formatting in a script.

Have a good week! :)

P.S. Today (September 24, 2019) I posted an update that fixes the problem with creating the "Scene heading" blocks in the script introduced by the previous update.

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KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc9a

Hi everybody.

Update 0.7.2 rc9a arrived. Under the hood:
- fixed problems with saving script changes in some cases;
- fixed a problem with synchronizing offline changes when reconnecting;
- fixed a problem with a huge interface size in some Linux distributions;
- added translation and spelling dictionary for the Slovenian;
- added spelling dictionary for Macedonian.

Then I plan to roll out the update for the mobile version, which will include these improvements and continue to work on the new version.

Have a nice day, everyone!

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KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc9


And here comes the update! Meet the KIT Scenarist version 0.7.2 rc9!

It includes the following improvements:
- the title page content is now located clearly in the center;
- fixed a problem with the character deletion hung dialog;
- fixed the problem with the wrong export template set by default for new projects;
- fixed the problem with saving the report with the character's dialogues, when all the replicas were displayed in gray and were not readable;
- fixed a problem with the incorrect name of the exported file in some cases;
- fixed a problem with changing the text register when formatting applied for several blocks;
- fixed a problem with broken hotkeys for mind maps.

I want to share my pain with you and ask for help - there is a problem in the KIT Scenarist with the fact that at some point the cards break... duplicate or empty cards appear... This problem has been detected on for a long time, but I can't find a way to reproduce it stably :( Usually, users write something like, well, you need to work half an hour, edit the text here and there, and problem may appear - this, unfortunately, is no good, for how many times I have not tried to reproduce, I did not succeed. I need a clear sequence of actions that leads to the manifestation of a problem. If I knew this sequence, the solution can be found in minutes.

So, I wanted to ask you - maybe you already know when this problem appears and what sequence of actions we need to make in order for it to manifest itself... in that case, please please, write me how this can be done! Or maybe you will be interested in finding out how this problem can be reproduced and you can find a way to reproduce it - I would be very grateful. This is probably the most unpleasant thing now, with which I would not like to leave the current project version... I, for my part, will gladly thank someone who will help in solving this problem! Not that we are organizing a competition to catch the bug, but still :) I really want to get rid of it and make our application a little better!

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How are we doing?

Hi everybody!

I want to tell you a little about what is happening here and why there is such a lull.

After the crowdfunding campaign ended, I decided not to rush headlong into the new version, but to test my hypotheses about some of the things I planned to implement in it (for the most part, they related to the interface). I made a small demo application in which I implemented all my ideas, but it didn’t take off...

Everything was fine, except one thing - the speed of rendering on weak computers and mobile platforms. Because speed and smoothness of the new version work are extremely important for me, I had to look towards other technologies that can give the best result. And new technologies, as you understand, are new challenges :) but it's okay, now, I have already picked up a great framework that does a great job with building flexible and fast user interface. So I will step by step master it and start working on a new version.

What will happen to the old version - during this week I plan to publish a small update. Further updates of version 0.7.X will include only corrections of the most critical errors, improvements in the cloud service, as well as the addition of new translations of the app.

To be honest, it’s scary to leave a project in which a lot of time and experience was invested, but I’m not able to move forward both projects, so it’s best to honestly point out what future the current version is waiting for.

As for crowdfunding, the Boomstarter paid all the money (minus taxes and payment system commissions). I decided to print and send stickers by the first of September, so expect gifts in the fall.

Also, in the process of thinking about how to separate paid and free options and how to keep free and open-source part open, a new understanding emerged, how best to organize it in such a way as to motivate users to use advanced version, on the one hand, and on the other, to give users the opportunity to work on common projects from both versions. I will tell about it in the next post.

See you, friends.

P.S. And here is some screens of the rethought new version. What do you think about it?

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The final

Hello friends!

So our crowdfunding campaign has come to an end. Officially, the campaign was supposed to end a week ago, but due to some technical problems in the work of the fundraising platform, the end date was postponed for several days.

Unfortunately, we were not able to collect all the necessary amount. From a goal of 1 million rubles, we collected 376 thousand. The campaign was supported by 241 people and I am grateful to each of you for your support.

Since we didn't collect the necessary amount, it was necessary to make a decision on how to move on - to leave the campaign as it was, returning the money to the sponsors, or withdraw funds and attract investments... After discussing this issue with the campaign sponsors, it was decided to take that have already collected and seek additional funding.

As you understand, attracting investments will require a clear commercial strategy from me and therefore I decided the following - the new version of KIT will be distributed in two types:
1. free open source version (will include all the functionality similar to what is currently available in KIT)
2. paid closed version (will include all the innovations described in the campaign text)

All campaign participants will receive their rewards, the only thing is that the time for the implementation of the new version will increase, because we need to continue to seek funding, which also takes time.

If you have not had time to participate in the campaign, but really wanted to - you have a few days left until the extra time ends.


The current version remains available to everyone as it was. It will receive several minor updates, within which the critical errors found will be fixed. And then I will concentrate entirely on developing a new version.


As soon as the fundraising platform payout the collected funds, I will immediately print and send everything to the addresses you specified! :)

Once again I want to thank everyone - thank you, friends!

P.S. Guys, I apologize that lately I have been responding to letters and messages. Soon the workload will decrease and I will answer all of them!

Always yours
and always with a smile
Dimka Novikov

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KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc8b

Hello guys!

My hopes for the previous release did not come true... The error did not withdraw itself, moreover, it turned out that it had been hiding in the program for a very long time already - since January 2019! Apparently, it did not manifest itself so strongly, or may be manifested, but was not reported about. In short, at some point, after the undoing of the last action, the program simply ceased to save all subsequent changes... This is terrible. A few people lost their jobs in a couple of days... I'm sorry and sincerely apologize to you, friends.

It upset me very much. I could neither eat nor sleep. The first thing I made was news about the need to roll back to the previous version, in which such a problem did not arise (at least it was not reported) and began to research the question of how such behavior could appear in the program at all. The most difficult thing in this situation is to reproduce the error. After a couple of days in vain attempts to reproduce and inspect the program code, by Sunday morning I managed to catch it!

Then was the simple things - the first half of Sunday was spent on fixing and re-testing the work of the app, and the second on assembling and publishing updates for all platforms. So now version 0.7.2 of rc8b is available for download and installation!

This is, of course, a huge responsibility when a large number of users of a product may encounter such a critical situation... And it seems that you are distributing the program for free, in such form "as is", without any guarantees, but the responsibility imperceptibly sits on your shoulders, and now you can no longer be left to yourself even on weekends. I think this is the paradox of Free and Open Source software, as constant volunteering. And it makes me think about its expediency. I am glad to give and do not ask for anything in return, but my sources are running out from the lack of energy movement in the opposite direction. Over time, KIT has become so familiar and mundane for everyone that even the positive feedback messages have practically disappeared...

No, this is not a moan from helplessness, these are just my thoughts. Of course, I want KIT to live, develop, become the best application for authors, and believe me, I will make every effort to move towards this goal. Yes, ideology may change, not all decisions made since the start of the project withstand the pressure of time, but this is an inevitable part of evolution. And, as for me, it’s better to change and become stronger than to perpetuate your current beliefs in marble and hopelessly become obsolete in the future and never achieve your goals.

In the meantime, our fundraising has overcome a quarter of the way. In total, we have already collected 255,867 rubles! Exactly 20 days left until the end of the campaign, so if you have not t participated, the time has come! Follow the link, choose the most expensive (crossed out) the most suitable reward for you and place your name in the credits of this story!

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