Coming soon to update the mobile version and increase its price

Guys, hello!

And we here made an adaptive template for displaying the script into mobile version! Now, regardless of the size of the screen, the script will look cute and will no longer be too wide (on the screenshot an example of how it will look on the iPad in the horizontal orientation of the device)!

We plan to release an update of the mobile version at the end of this week, or at the beginning of the next. We will gradually increase the power of the application, and the next big step will be adding a cards module.

And with the release of the new version, the cost of the mobile application will be increased. So, if you have not bought the application yet, you can make it at the best price now, or wait for the next increase when we add the cards to the mobile version :)

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Adventures of Maria and cat Alexander

Maria arrived in Moscow and go with cat Alexander to the talk show! :)

Do you go out with your cat screenwriter? If so, send your stories and photos about the #catalexandersadventures! And then, when we release a new T-shirt with Alex, we'll draw the first copy again among all the storytellers of his incredible adventures! :)

And if you do not yet have your own cat Alexander, you can find it here.

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Filmed by user's screenplays: Galsan Nanzatov


For a long time we did not have cartoons in our #filmedbyusersscreenplays and here it is! Galsan Nanzatov sent us a cartoon created according to his script, which was written based on Buryat folk tales. The cartoon in the Buryat language, but there are Russian and English subtitles.

Enjoy watching!

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Join the project

Hey, guys! We added information about the opportunities and ways to participate in the project!

Join yourself and call your friends too :)

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KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 beta7


Today we have the next update - KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 beta 7. This is not the last beta, as I would like ... Unfortunately, in the last couple of months there was very little free time, so the beta did not include all the features that I wanted to add, but nevertheless, we have something new:

Added the ability to restore the script from a backup! You can do it through the new "Tools" tab. For this you need:
- open a project whose text is missing or damaged;
- go to the "Tools" tab and choose from the list of available tools "Restore from Backup" (this is the only one tool yet, but in the future, this list will be grown);
- after that, a list of backup copies of the project available for recovery in the view "Backup date [backup size]" will appear. The size of the backup can help to see the border of the event when part of the text or the entire text has been deleted;
- select the appropriate backup from the list and click the restore button in the toolbar at the top;
- after that, you can return to work with the restored text of the script.

Also in this update were added bookmarks. You can add or remove a bookmark via the context menu in any paragraph of the text, and open the bookmarks browser through the menu for activating additional panels in the navigator.

In addition, the following improvements were made:
- now when exporting to PDF, you can add watermarks to the document;
- improved automatic text corrections in the continuation of dialogues;
- now in the entire application used icons of a single style;
- fixed the problem of importing the project title, title page and real names of characters from kitsp-files;
- fixed the problem of saving images in the cloud;
- the script import from DOCX-files is slightly improved;
- now, if the automatic installation of the update cannot be performed, the program will offer a link for manually downloading the update file;
- fixed the problem with dropping scene numbers when importing from fountain files;
- fixed the problem of working with multi-line editorial notes;
- translations of the program into Turkish and Hungarian are added.

Have a nice day!

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Filmed by user's screenplays: Semen Mirnov

There is not a single replica in this short film, but the script was written in the KIT, as Semyon Mirnov said, and sent a link to the next work for our #filmedbyusersscreenplays news section.

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So, the first black T-shirt will be sent to...

Hey guys!

Today, as promised, we will draw lot one black T-shirt among those who have already acquired green one. How was the winner determined? Very simple:
- I wrote out a list of all who bought a T-shirt in order according to the dates of orders;
- after that, I went to the first site with a random number generator (it turned out to be and generated a random number based on the number of participants;
- made a screenshot and wrote a congratulatory letter.

And here are the results of the drawing!

T-shirt in the coming days will go to Donald Aribam! My congratulations, Donald!:)

And for everyone else, the T-shirt is still available in the gift shop!

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