Video review - director's view of working with the program

Guys, hello! And at us the first independent review of the program in Russian! Bulat Sabitov made and published his review. Thank you, Bulat! I would have titled this video like: "KIT Scenarist - director's view of working with the program" :)

If you also want to share your experience with the program, talk about the tricks of working with scripts in it, and at least just make a review of the main features, we will be happy to share your review on our resources!

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News from development fields

Hey, guys! I seem to be back!

After the last message there were many questions about what it was and how it will work - I do not want to disclose all the cards yet, I will only say that it will be an opportunity to fix the versions of the script and at least compare the versions and roll back to the previous one if necessary. But, I hope this is not all that will be associated with the versioning :)

By and large, I only have to finish the last two possibilities for beta 9 - it's versioning and double dialogues, it's not easy to get this frontier, but I'm sure that it will be taken. After that, there will be a hard bugfix party. Already a lot of error reports have accumulated and it's very cool! Thank you guys for continuing to water our sprout! It will necessarily grow even higher, it will become even more beautiful and, finally, turn into a tree!

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Pre-order for new T-shirts launched!

Hey hey! We launch pre-order for new T-shirts!

Write in any convenient way what color and size of the t-shirt suit you, and where to send your favorite shirts! Next week we will launch T-shirts in print and after another week they will start to hug with their new owners!

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KIT Scenarist for mobile 1.3.1

Meanwhile, the mobile version 1.3.1 is already in the app stores!

It fixed some problems and included the latest new features related to the script parameters:
- the ability to export a script with a watermark is added;
- Added script options in development: start number of scenes, a prefix of scenes;
- fixed the problem of moving the cursor to the middle of large projects;
- fixed the problem with inserting text from the clipboard.

Get your version for Android or iOS.

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One cat Alexander is good but two better

It seems summer, all the same, has come!:)

And it means, it's time to dress up in our branded T-shirts and go on the adventure with the cat Alexander! And that the summer days were even more fun we prepared pairs of T-shirts for you: black + green for only 34 USD! T-shirts can be chosen of any sizes from those that are left in stock.

Make happy your soul mate or best friend! And go in the Summer adventures!

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KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 beta 8

Hello comrades!

Update KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 beta 8 is ready and already available for download! In this update, we added a few production-specific features, but in which the screenwriter takes a direct part, and also we fixed some problems.

What's under the hood?
- added the ability to lock scene numbers;
- added the ability to specify a custom number for the locked scene;
- added the ability to specify the start number of scenes for the script in the section Research - Script;
- setting the prefix of the scene numbers also moved to the script parameters in the Research and now displayed not only in export, but will also directly in the script editor;
- also fixed the problem with the prefix of the scene numbers when exporting the script;
- added the ability to specify a color for any research document, and the colors assigned to the characters are also displayed opposite their dialogues in the script editor;
- the option of highlighting blocks now also takes into account the colors of scenes and replicas;
- in the script, you can now set the color for several scenes selected in the navigator simultaneously;
- improved automatic splitting of dialogues on page breaks;
- fixed problems with saving words in the user dictionary of spelling check;
- fixed the detected synchronization problems in the cloud service.

Let's go!

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Adventures of the cat Alexander and Eugenia

And we continue to talk about the #catalexandersadventures! This time Eugenia and Alexander visited Monte Fitz Roy! Sunny there! :)

You can always get your T-shirt on the pages of our store. We will wait for your stories about the adventures of the cat Alexander!

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