Work on the bugs in version 0.6.2 beta 1

Salute, Comrades!

We have collected some errors, which can not wait until the release of version with index cards, so I decided to release a minor update to correct them:
- fixed a problem with the fall of the program and save the settings in Mac OS X when closing or opening another project;
- fixed a bug with scaling and spell checking in comments editor;
- fixed a problem with disappearing line breaks in the comments when copying / pasting text to the comment in the script;
- optional backup is now enabled by default. Backup scripts will be stored in a subfolder KITScenarist/backups inside the documens folder. You can change backups destination folder, or disable the backup (which I highly recommend not to do) in the application settings;
- fixed a problem with loosing of word TITLE in preview and in exported files;
- fixed a problem with the script export in the standard Russian template, as shaped by the title page font Courier Prime instead of Courier New;
- fixed an issue where the exported file in MS Word after a change has increased at a rate of as much as 6 megabytes;
- fixed a bug with the embedding Courier Prime font in DOCX-files;
- fixed some problems in mindmap editor: it does not take off more to create complex mindmaps and when you try to move the selected branch, and improved logic of creating edges between nodes.

Also update include a couple of innovations:
- implemented the ability to import and export scripts in Final Draft format (* .FDX);
- added to the program templates compatible with Final Draft A4 and with Final Draft Letter templates.

P.S. Implementation of module with index cards in full swing. We passed somewhere half way. There is still a hard step in forward, and then polishing and public release!

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KIT Scenarist 0.6.1

Guys, I am pleased to welcome all!

It's time to publish stable release of KIT Scenarist  0.6.1.

The main new feature of this release is MindMaps editor. MindMaps is an additional tool for developing story which can help you to structure your thoughts about the plot, characters, and indeed of all that is related to your stories. MindMaps editor available this - Research - Add item - toggle radio button with combobox and choose "Mind Map".

I express my gratitude to all users! Thank you, friends, together we have a great work!

The next version will be numbered 0.7.0. In it, I will present you a new module to work with the cards. When it comes out I can not say, as so many ideas and how long it will take for everything do not know ... I only know that it will be exact! I waited a long time, thinking about how to approach it, how to organize everything, even a little afraid. But the other day, when he was able to start her tightly, was involved so that now only about the cards and think! :)

Stay with us! There is still a lot of interesting and very useful things in front!

Thanks friends!

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