Filmed by users screenplays: Andrey Gubin

Salute, my friends! Today is the new post of our #filmedbyusersscreenplays series with "Vera" movie teaser which was filmed by Andrey Gubin's screenplay. The movie will be released soon in 2018, so, we wish them luck!

Are you didn't send information about films shot by your scripts yet? It's time to catch up, guys!:) Please, let us know about your works. It is a great motivation for us to make the app better when we see results of our collaboration and it is awesome!

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Mobile KIT Scenarist version 1.2.2

Hello comrades!

The new update of the mobile version arrived!

• Fixed problems with the external keyboard (input project name, display panel with styles);
• added standard features for working with text (text selection, copy, paste);
• the way of scaling the text of the script was changed - now the font size is set in the settings;
• now, when exporting to different formats, unused parameters will be hidden;
• added the ability to number dialogues in both the script editor and export;
• added a button to update the list of projects from the cloud;
• fixed problems with the broken geometry of the export tab and menu;
• the appearance of the application has been slightly improved.

You can get the app from AppStore and from Google Play.

In the nearest plans for the mobile version - the implementation of the opportunity to work with reviewer notes.

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Filmed by user's screenplays: Jose Luis Mora

Salute, guys! Today is Tuesday and we have the next episode of the rubric #filmedbyusersscreenplays! And today we have a guest Jose Luis Mora with his short film "Susan". Let's watch it! :)

And of course, do not forget to share the works shot according to your scripts, friends! Have a nice day!

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Filmed by user's screenplays 12: Alexey Aleshkovsky

Hello, everyone!

And we have a new episode of the #filmedbyusersscreenplays rubric! Today our guest is Alexei Aleshkovsky, the author of the idea and the writer of the first version of the screenplay of the "House of Porcelain", which was released in the fall of 2017. Let's look at this!

P.S. Friends, have you already finished a festivals story with your film? Then it's time to tell us about it too!;)

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KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 beta 5

Hello! Today we have a small update of KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 beta 5.

And it included:
 the opportunity to extend the subscription to the cloud service through PayPal is added;
 fixed the problem with the email address validator when registering, authorizing and sharing a project with a collaborator;
 translation of the program into Polish has been added.

I wish you fruitful day, guys!

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A new article about synchronizing projects between different devices

Finally! Finally, I finished this article about synchronizing projects between different devices in different ways! Hooray!:)

If someone is interested in reading, then it's here. And at the same time, it changed the help section a little, now every article will have an abstract and the number of comments to it. You can see it right here.

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Mobile KIT Scenarist 1.2.1

Hello, everybody! We have finally returned to work on the mobile version of the program and the first update is ready.

So, the update includes the following improvements and fixes:
• the core of application has been updated to the latest version (in accordance with the latest stable version of the desktop version);
• a help page with information on how to use the mobile version is added to the menu;
• fixed bug with the fact that the bottom panel with styles did not always show;
• fixed crash when renaming a cloud project.

More improvements will come later!;)

P.S. Yes, yes... we remember that in our mobile version there are still problems with keyboard extensions, external keyboards and selecting/copying/pasting text ... Even cat Alexander found a couple of bugs in the iOS version... Therefore, now we will just concentrate on correcting them and bringing the mobile version to the most stable state! Thank you all for the feedback!

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