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Hey yo!

We have another article with information on how to use the mobile version of the program! In the future update of the mobile version, this help article will be integrated directly into the application.

Read it!

Published: 9 October 2017 | Discussion (0) | Receive news on e-mail

Small patch update KIT Scenarist 0.7.1 rc11


Here is a fast fix for regress from yesterday release. Here fix:
 bug with acts aligning in cards module;
 bug with showing statistics reports settings.

Now it's become good! :)

Published: 6 October 2017 | Discussion (2) | Receive news on e-mail

KIT Scenarist 0.7.1 rc10

Guys, hello everyone!

And we have a small update of KIT Scenarist 0.7.1 rc10. In him:
 fixed the problem with blinking scene numbers in some cases;
 fixed the problem with spontaneous changes of the editor's notes color;
 fixed the problems of synchronization of script text with editor's notes;
 a script template for the Chinese has been added.

And we have already started work on the first beta version 0.7.2, and interesting long-awaited functions are getting closer and closer! :)

Published: 5 October 2017 | Discussion (0) | Receive news on e-mail

KIT Scenarist for mobile 1.2.0

Hello everybody!

And here is the next update!

In him:
 ability to customize the title page of the script (Menu - Title Page);
 ability to undo and redo the last action in script editor;
 a slightly redesigned panel with formats (now all formats placed in one line and you can scroll them horizontally, on a tablet, current style showed with full name);
 added the ability to search the text in the script;
 the list of available settings has been expanded;
 added German, Ukrainian and Spanish translations.

The plan to next version includes the ability to select/copy/paste of script text and review mode features: text highlighting, commenting and comments navigation.

Published: 23 September 2017 | Discussion (0) | Receive news on e-mail

I returned!

Hi, guys!

I hope you are not bored here especially without news and updates!?:)

The silence was because I had a vacation from the main job, but I was so relaxed that even a taken laptop for daily two-hour work on KIT was gathering dust all this time ...

But now I well rested and ready for new accomplishments! Now, for sure, we'll rock!

P.S. And how do you relax? It turns out? Or do you, like programmers, always work in the background in the head, even during the rest?

Published: 18 September 2017 | Discussion (0) | Receive news on e-mail

KIT Scenarist 0.7.1 rc9

Good morning, guys. And we have another small update of KIT Scenarist 0.7.1 rc9.

It fixed some problems with cards and improved the synchronization of cards stamps in the cloud service.

I wish you productive day!:)

Published: 31 August 2017 | Discussion (0) | Receive news on e-mail

Filmed by user's screenplays 11: Alexey Rogozhin


And today we have a new episode of #filmedbyusersscreenplays and in it Alexey Rogozhin with his script with the working title "С новым годом столица", which was transformed in "Загадай желание".

Here's what Alexei himself tells about this project:

"Загадай желание" - a film that united our group. It started our small film career (although, this is not my first feature film as a screenwriter). The group is still working together. I wrote New Year comedy (reference "Служебный роман", but, a more youthful version), the director (Eugene Kravchenko) took his New Year melodrama. Filming was in the Ulyanovsk. A beautiful, positive, kind film about two young people.

Great job! We all know how hard to make a film from idea to implementation. I wish your group many of new interesting projects, Alexey!

P.S. And of course, friends, as soon as you have a new film, a series, a short film, an animation or whatever it is, according to the script that was written in our program, share it with us, and we will gladly tell everyone about your project and be happy with you!

Published: 30 August 2017 | Discussion (0) | Receive news on e-mail

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