Small update

Hey, guys.

Today we have a small update. It includes fix for crash on projects opening and improved cloud service working (fixed one bug and improved cards sync).

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who supports us today! Your bug reports, criticism, and suggestions make the program better together with us! Thank you very much for this, friends!

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KIT Scenarist 0.7.1 rc7

Hi, people!

The next update has already been published!

And in it:
• the problem of reopening mind maps has now been completely fixed;
• fixed a small regression from the previous version with the display of the scene numbers in the script editor;
• one more bug when scene numbers was zero is fixed (I hope this was the last problem associated with this);
• another problem with the synchronization of projects with collaborators through the cloud was found and fixed;
• the dialogs for adding cards, scenes and design elements have been slightly improved.

It seems that version 0.7.1 will soon be rightfully called stable!:) Meanwhile, we are moving on to work on the next version of KIT Scenarist 0.7.2. In it, many improvements and useful tools will come to us. As I prepare, I will publish small reviews of various innovations.

In addition, we are waiting for a couple of updates to the mobile version, which will add the ability to copy/paste/search for text, the ability to edit the title page and help. And then more and more updates :) I feel, in the future, a mobile version will need a separate site or, at least section on the site.

Well, for now ... download the update and go to tell your incredible stories!

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Can't wait anymore? The update is coming!

Salute, guys!

We have an update - meet the version of KIT Scenarist 0.7.1 rc 6!

And in it:
• improved synchronization of research documents in the cloud service;
• fixed the problem of closing the save file and open file dialogs in Mac OS X when working with cloud projects;
• fixed the problem with the fall of the program when switching between mind maps in research;
• fixed the problem in the work of hot keys in mental maps;
• fixed a lot of bugs in the cards due to which there were "ghost" cards, fixed problems with undo and redo, the cards disappeared, etc. If you had same problems with your projects, in order for the cards to work normally, you will have to create a new project and put a script into it;
• fixed a problem with export to MS Word, when review marks contain links;
• fixed the problem with displaying the current script editor template, in some cases, it was displayed incorrectly;
• the double dash is no longer emphasized as a spelling mistake;
• now when importing, app checks that the imported file exists and not empty, if something went wrong, the import is interrupted;
• added processing of the case of merging characters: if you decide to merge two characters into one, you can now change the character's name to the desired one and two characters will be merged into one, descriptions of both characters are also merged;
• have been added translations to Farsi and Chinese.

Also, we signed Mac OS X version, so, now it should allow using application without any restrictions.

I wish everyone a nice day and a sunny mood!

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KIT Scenarist for iOS now in AppStore

Hey, guys!

We have a lot of news today!:)

First, the event of the day - the version for iOS has already been approved to the AppStore and it is available for download! It turned out that Apple has recently switched to accelerated application reviewing and now it lasts not 2 weeks, but 1-2 days! So guys, who were waiting for this moment - he came! I'm very happy and congratulate all of us on the release of the KIT Scenarist version for iOS!!!

Next is not very good news - we have got a mistake with the cost of the application, it turned out that in the AppStore we can not set the price yourself, and we can only use default price grids, as a result, the first version for iOS will cost not 99, but 149 rubles, I apologize for my ignorance in this matter, in the future I will be more attentive.

The next news about the Android version. Today, we published an update that fixes program crashes when importing scripts from Dropbox in some cases.

Well, the latest news is dedicated to pirates and those who decide to use their services. We got information that the apk-files of the Android-version appear on the network. We were ready for this, so we decided to present you a gift - a version of the program which wasn't installed from the Google Play Market, will continue to work. Except for one small nuance - sometimes the program will delete a random script from the phone. Be ready, pirate life is full of dangers !;)

So, this is the link to download iOS version from AppStore.

Have a good day, my friends!:)

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First update of mobile version for Android

Hello everyone!

And here is the first update of the Android version with fixes of detected errors!

What's improved:
• fixed the problem with importing in the case when the app was closed;
• parentheticals will now begin starts with a lowercase letter;
• added support for older versions of Android (now the minimum version is Android 4.1);
• minor improvements to the interface.

You can dowload app by this link from Google Play Market.

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KIT Scenarist now on Android


A lot of time has passed since we started working on a mobile version, but it's time to share the first results of this work. Happy to introduce you to the Android version!

The first version includes next features:
• creation of projects on the device and in the cloud service;
• viewing screenplay text and editing it in accordance with industry standards;
• view the list of scenes and navigate the text of the script;
• import scripts from the fdx, fountain, docx and kitsp formats from any installed application;
• export scripts to pdf, fdx, fountain docx and kitsp formats in any of the installed applications.

The first version is not yet complete. In the next month or two, there will be a few updates that will add, at a minimum, a built-in help and an opportunity to edit title page.

Like I said before, the mobile version will be paid. Starting with 99 rubles.

You can download the app via or you can search the Play Market on our application name.

Well, as usual, guys, if you see any problems, glitches, bugs, or suggestions, I'm ready to discuss everything and make the app even better.

Let's go!

P.S. Version for iOS in work and we really want to release it as soon as possible. So don't worry, folks, it's near to be done.

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KIT Scenarist 0.7.1 rc5 and waiting of mobile versions


We took another small step forward and prepared the version KIT Scenarist 0.7.1 rc5. It included the following improvements:
• fixed the problem with the putting of folders at the third and more deeper level of nesting;
• improved responsiveness of the program when creating a new project;
• improved display of scene colors in the scenes navigator (now the scene has one main color, and all the others are considered secondary);
• added the ability to view the full text of the scene right in the navigator, you need to hold down Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) and then move the mouse cursor over the scene, the text of which you want to see;
• improved the algorithm for preserving the names of the characters and the scene headings;
• improved highlighting the current block in the script.

In addition, this update adds a compact mode (Settings - Application - Compact mode) for monitors with low resolution and those who like more compact interfaces. And for screens with a resolution of fewer than 1360 pixels in width, the use of a two-panel mode is prohibited, for the reason that it simply does not fit into such a small screen.

There is also good news for owners of old Macs who do not want to update the operating system to the latest version - now together with the main version for Mac OS X we will release a version based on old libraries with the code name granny :) It will work on Mac OS X, starting with version OS X Lion 10.07. The only thing that in this version there will be some known problems, for example now, shortcuts didn't work properly for changing paragraph style in some cases. Otherwise, the granny version should work without significant differences from the main version for Mac OS X.

P.S. Now updates do not come out as often as we would like ... But it's not that we abandoned the project, in fact, we are hiding! Now we are very interested in the development of mobile versions for both Android and iOS and I think that within a month or two we will publish mobile applications. Mobile applications will be paid. At the start, a price will be equal to 99 Rubles. At the beginning, they will include the ability to edit script text, import and export from/to any sources (Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, etc.). You can work in the application with projects located both on your device and with cloud projects in our service (of course, with the possibility of collaborative editing). And after we release mobile applications, we switch to the desktop version, so much has accumulated, that our hands are scratching to take it! :)

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