KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc12

Hi all, 

We work hard on making KIT Scenarist more stable so please welcome the next release 0.7.2 rc12!

Here's what's inside:
- Added the ability to print out cards in color;
- Fixed an issue with blurred cards for Retina displays;
- Fixed an issue with cards shuffling when a new scene is added after the folder title;
- Fixed an issue with cards randomly disappearing in some cases;
- Fixed an issue with inserting text from the stamp into the tags of additional card colors;
- The ability to lock scene numbers has been moved from the script editor to the general settings of scene numbers in "Research -> Script";
- Fixed an error of script syncing in case of frequent connection failures;
- Improved the script editor’s reaction when co-authors type text at the same time;
- Fixed an issue with undoing the last action, which caused the app to crash;
- Fixed an issue with copying spare information from one scene to another, in case when the content of one block of time and place (for example, location) is being copied into another one;
- Fixed an issue with program being crashed when few paragraphs with folders got to a page break;
- Improved the logic of checking app’s current working folder to avoid working with files from the backup folder;
- Fixed an issue with launching the app after applying the high resolution zoom option in some cases;
- Fixed an issue in the Arabic translation and updated the script’s template;
- Updated the Turkish translation;
- Added spelling dictionary for the Danish language.

The next thing on our agenda is to have the next release of Starc and then update the mobile version, which will include not only the bug fixes but new features too!

Have a nice day you all!

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KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc11

Hi everyone,

How's the weather? It's cloudy here, though we’re making our cloud better and kinder to users!

So, we are happy to present the release 0.7.2 RC 11 "Cloud edition":

- Synopsis, Logline, and Title Page will now sync automatically in the cloud with no additional efforts or actions;
- Сrash reports sending logic has been improved. And please don`t forget to add the email and a short description of what happened just before the KIT crashed. It will help us find and evaluate your case faster and contact you;
- Sync issue after color highlighting of the last paragraph is no longer an issue

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Pre-New Year release of the KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc 10

Heeey! Sunny Sunday everyone, friends!

And we have a pre-New Year release - today KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc 10 comes out!

And in it:
- fixed the problem of synchronizing cloud projects (and the problem of undoing the last action) when deleting a large block of text;
- the scene creation dialog is slightly expanded (now all explanatory labels will fit);
- fixed the problem with downloading updates on some Mac computers;
- fixed a problem with extra menu items when calling the context menu outside the card;
- the drop-down list with hints for the names of characters and locations will now have twice as many items;
- projects in the folder with backups will now be opened in KIT for reading only, so as not to create a new backup copy and not be confused even more. If you need to continue working with the project from the folder with backup copies, then first of all, you need to copy it to the working folder and then you can work with it in normal mode;
- added the ability to search for text in the synopsis.

So it goes.

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KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc9k

Hi guys!

Today KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc9k update is released!

- the interface for editing the card in the part of the field description has been improved (now it should be a little more clear what is a name, and what is a heading);
- added translation of the program into Galician;
- fixed the problem of renaming cards, which led to the appearance of disorder both in the cards themselves and in the screenplay;
- fixed the problem with the transfer of long titles and endings of folders in the screenplay on page breaks;
- fixed the problem of applying edits from the history of changes, which leads to problems in the cloud service and redo/undo operations;
- improved work of undoing the last action for cutting and pasting data from the clipboard.

And also, our friend, Andrey Alypov, did just the coolest thing - he tuned up the assembly of Linux packages to make everything work well and automate it based on the Open Build Service, so now more packages will be available for different systems and they will work correctly! Hurray and thank you very much!

Well, now you can work more effectively because there are even fewer bugs in the cards! :)

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KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc9j

Hey guys!

Suddenly, we decided to publish the update KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc9j.

And in it:
- fixed the problem of opening projects with a dot character in the project name
- fixed the problem with starting the application in some cases on Windows
- fixed the problem with the application freezing when deleting the script text in some cases
- added the ability to disable suggestions in empty character block
- added Greek translation
- added "ѝ" character to Courier Prime font, so now it fully supports Macedonian and Bulgarian alphabets

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KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc9i

Hey guys,

Today we have a KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 rc9i update coming out. In addition to small fixes, it includes a couple of small but useful improvements.

You can now use additional colors as tags in cards and filter these cards on the board. You can also set tag text from the context menu when setting up additional colors. An additional button has been added in the toolbar to enable cards filtering.

Few other improvements:
- The title of the card is now displayed in full;
- Fixed the bug that editing the title of the act in the cards has only worked from the second time;
- Fixed the bug with saving user values in the location dictionary;
- Program interaction with cloud service at loss/recovery points has been improved;
- Updated Serbian translation;
- Added Arabic translation and a standard template;
- Fixed the problem with loading spelling dictionaries in Linux version.

That's it! I wish you a creative day, friends!

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Crowdfunding. A year after

Hey friends!

Huh... a year ago crowdfunding ended! This whole crowdfunding story was a good lesson for me, and despite the fact that it failed miserably, I'm not going to retreat from my goal.

Yesterday I had a very bizarre dream - as if I were in some huge hall. There is a huge hole in the middle of this hall that leads right to the netherworld, where terrible demons are born from stone blocks into the light. Swinging cords with hooks at the ends hang from the ceiling. And a huge number of people around me are as if in some kind of ecstasy and greet demons and jump right on the hooks, sacrificing themselves and saluting the demons. And you know that the strangest thing is that in this whole terrible picture I did not feel fear, instead, I sincerely could not understand why everyone was behaving in such a strange way and just wanted to get away from there quickly, which I did...

And it seems now that I clearly understand what this dream was about... there is no need to doubt yourself and the choice you make. There is no need to doubt your choice not to follow the way that everyone is following. It may even be useful to look at what everyone is doing and do things differently, do the opposite. Very often in my life, I had to stand on the road of choice, at the fork between doing things like everybody does it, or doing it my own way... I thank my parents for not forced me to go where it seemed right but giving me the freedom to choose. And though often (yes often) such decisions are complex and you have to answer for them with your sweat and blood, but these are decisions that sound in tune with your heart and fill you with life-giving energy.

And that is exactly what will happen with Starc. I want to make the most useful, most convenient, and coolest software for authors, and I will do it. Every day, drop by drop. And I will not do it the way everyone does - they tell me to go to the investors, everyone does it now, and I say that we can do it ourselves; they tell me to do all the software closed, and we will make most of it free and also open the source; Yes, even with fucking buttons they say that no one makes funny inscriptions in the professional software, and we will have them, just because no one does it.

So, friends, stay tuned - we have a long story ahead! :)

P.S. STARC beta version. Inside your mailbox. Tomorrow.

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