KIT Scenarist 0.7.1 rc5 and waiting of mobile versions


We took another small step forward and prepared the version KIT Scenarist 0.7.1 rc5. It included the following improvements:
• fixed the problem with the putting of folders at the third and more deeper level of nesting;
• improved responsiveness of the program when creating a new project;
• improved display of scene colors in the scenes navigator (now the scene has one main color, and all the others are considered secondary);
• added the ability to view the full text of the scene right in the navigator, you need to hold down Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) and then move the mouse cursor over the scene, the text of which you want to see;
• improved the algorithm for preserving the names of the characters and the scene headings;
• improved highlighting the current block in the script.

In addition, this update adds a compact mode (Settings - Application - Compact mode) for monitors with low resolution and those who like more compact interfaces. And for screens with a resolution of fewer than 1360 pixels in width, the use of a two-panel mode is prohibited, for the reason that it simply does not fit into such a small screen.

There is also good news for owners of old Macs who do not want to update the operating system to the latest version - now together with the main version for Mac OS X we will release a version based on old libraries with the code name granny :) It will work on Mac OS X, starting with version OS X Lion 10.07. The only thing that in this version there will be some known problems, for example now, shortcuts didn't work properly for changing paragraph style in some cases. Otherwise, the granny version should work without significant differences from the main version for Mac OS X.

P.S. Now updates do not come out as often as we would like ... But it's not that we abandoned the project, in fact, we are hiding! Now we are very interested in the development of mobile versions for both Android and iOS and I think that within a month or two we will publish mobile applications. Mobile applications will be paid. At the start, a price will be equal to 99 Rubles. At the beginning, they will include the ability to edit script text, import and export from/to any sources (Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, etc.). You can work in the application with projects located both on your device and with cloud projects in our service (of course, with the possibility of collaborative editing). And after we release mobile applications, we switch to the desktop version, so much has accumulated, that our hands are scratching to take it! :)

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KIT Scenarist 0.7.1 rc4


I'm glad to publish the next update of KIT Scenarist 0.7.1 rc4, which included a number of improvements and fixes:
• fixed the problem of creating a project in the cloud, with no connection to the Internet;
• the amount of used space in the cloud is now displayed in the user cabinet;
• the problem with checking spelling in abbreviations has been fixed;
• fixed the problem with deleting comments related to the text that was erased;
• improved rendering of the script editor in pagination mode;
• and other minor improvements and bug fixes.

I want to say thank you for everyone! Your bug reports greatly helps to fix error much faster, although, frankly, not always the reports help to understand everything about the issue... Sometimes it is just necessary to know how to reproduce this or that bug, so please, do not be angry if I suddenly interrogate with a passion for the topic "how did you do it?" :)

Have a nice day and creative mood!

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A more stable KIT Scenarist version 0.7.1 rc3

Guys, I'm glad to welcome everyone. 

Today we publish update came out with minor improvements and some corrections to KIT Scenarist 0.7.1 rc3. 

It includes:
• the ability to import and export in *.fountain format;
• now you can add review marks via context menu when review mode is active;
• added the ability to go from card to they text in the script (context menu item "Go to text");
• fixed a bug with script editor's jump to page down when pressing ENTER after the text in the scene heading block, in the case when it has a description;
• improved export of the title page;
• repaired functionality of opening projects with double click on the file on Mac OS X;
• improved import of *.docx-documents in a dark theme;
• now in the title bar of the app will be displayed storage where current project is located: on the computer or in the cloud;
• also, a number of other minor fixes were made.

Thank you all for your support and ideas for improving the program! A lot of interesting things are ahead, stay with us!

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Filmed by user's screenplays 10: Irina Sharova

Good evening, friends!

And today we publish a new release of our favorite rubric #filmedbyusersscreenplays! :) And today I suggest you get acquainted with the work of Irina Sharova. This video is on the verses of Olga Artemova. Enjoy watching!

P.S. And if according to your scenario you have already made a film, then do not forget to share it with us! We will wait!;)

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KIT Scenarist 0.7.1 rc 2 published!

Hey, people!

Who wanna a fresh update!?

Currently, we are moving for improvement and fixing of detected errors, so here's a list of changes of the new version:
• improved rendering of the script editor (fixed various errors in which the script editor moved outside the visible area);
• improved the responsiveness of the script editor to scale and resize;
• when previewing documents, if possible, the app restore the last position where the document was scrolled;
• fixed the problem with spontaneous resizing of the window when opening or hiding the search bar;
• fixed the problem with restoring the size of the app window when opened;
• fixed the bug with moving scene description from current scene to new added;
• fixed the problem with displaying review notes for cloud projects;
• fixed the problem with the renaming of cloud projects in some cases;
• now when you open the comment adding dialog, the focus is immediately set in the input field;
• the way of interaction with the list of projects is slightly improved;
• fixed the problem with the size of the cards of the folder which was ungrouped;
• the correct operation of the shortcut Shift + Delete is restored;
• in the script editor near the scenes, their main colors are now displayed, if any, for the scene;
• blocked the missed opportunity to change projects for cloud project commentators;
• added import of FDXT files;
• improved the work of spelling dictionaries - the names of characters are now not underlined in red, fixed the problem with adding words to the user dictionary;
• spelling dictionaries for Portuguese and Swedish are added.

Now the candidate is even closer to the release, but we do not finish it - if you know any other problems in the program, please report them!

In addition, we have two more news:
1. The site has a price section. You can find it by clicking on this link - If there are still any questions, then ask, I will respond to you and at the same time replenish the information on the page.
2. Now news on the site can be commented (for this you can click on the appropriate link under the text of the news on the site)! Soon I plan to launch the development of help to the program in a new way. It will be something like wiki pages. And I also want to make a centralized forum on the site where you could discuss the future of the program, share your recipes and ask questions.


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Filmed by user's screenplays 9: Eugene Puzyrevsky

Hey hey, guys! 

For a long time, we did not have news about of the rubric #filmedbyusersscreenplays, it's time to fill in the blanks. And the first in line is the Christmas work of Eugene Puzyrevsky, which is called "Mom is always near." If you have not seen on TV, or on the Internet - get ready, it will be sharp! 

And besides the film itself, you can read the text of the script in the KIT format, or in PDF format

Enjoy watching! 

P.S. And, of course, friends, if new films are shot according to your scripts - share! Send teasers, trailers, shorts and feature films. And, if possible, share scripts, maybe in time we will organize a whole library of scripts and films based on them!

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More or less stable version of KIT Scenarist 0.7.1 rc 1 and changes in the policy of publishing updates

Hey hey! Hi, guys!

It's me again and again with the update!

Before talking about the update, I want to tell you about one change in the naming of the versions of the program. From today, versions of the programs will be divided into two categories:

1. Beta versions
Here everything is the same - they are the latest versions, in which there is a new functionality, but they can contain critical errors.

2. RC versions
This is a replacement for our "stable" versions. RC stands for the release candidate. I decided to do so because to call our versions "stable" is pretty naive. Yes, they fixed the most critical bugs, but still, they are far from stable, they have other, uncritical errors, and maybe even critical ones, which we simply could not find out yet. On the other hand, it also confuses the users themselves, "Well, how can a stable program work unstable, apparently the developer's hands have curves ...". And I really would like to believe that this is not so :)

So today we publish a non-stable version and the version of KIT Scenarist 0.7.1 rc 1. I hope no one confused.

Well, now let's get back to the update itself. It included the following improvements:

• the translation of the program into Portuguese has been added, and all other translations have been updated;
• fixed the problem with the disappearance of the text of the script when switching to full-screen mode;
• fixed a bug where the description of one character could be replaced by another's description;
• fixed a bug related to editing review comments;
• fixed the problem with freezing the interface when starting the program due to the dialogue with the message about the application update;
• slightly improved interface.

At the moment this is the most stable version, so if you still at 0.7.0, then I advise you to upgrade. To find out more about what went into the new version, you can follow these links:

Beta 1 -
Beta 2 -
Beta 3 -
Beta 4 -
Beta 5 -
Beta 6 -
Beta 7 -

And among other things, from today the cloud service move to battle mode. You can also work with cloud service, starting with version 0.7.1.

I express my deep gratitude to all participants of the closed and open testing of the cloud, to all participants of the beta testing of the new possibilities of the program itself, to all participants in discussions at forums, in social networks and personal correspondence. A low bow to you, friends! Thank you!

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