KIT Scenarist 0.7.0 beta 5

Hello my friends!

We have some delay with moving to stable release. That is because was found some errors which make crash the Windows version of application.

And we release new KIT Scenarist version 0.7.0 beta 5.

Windows unlike Mac OS X or Linux don't provide way to access to details information about application state on crash moment and I integrated crash handler module to application itself. Now when application starts after crash you will can send error report. Please don't ignore this reports, if we'll can collect many reports we'll have great possibility to fix all errors that makes crashes. In additional to report please write what actions was lead to crash, there is special fields in report dialog for this.

I hope now we can collect enough information about errors and make application more and more stable.

Have a good day!

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Prerelease version KIT Scenarist 0.7.0 beta 4

Hi everybody!

Fresh beta version of app is ready! There is KIT Scenarist 0.7.0 beta 4. It includes fixes of bugs funded in past two weeks:

• greatly improved folders and scenes groups feature;
• context menu for cards and for navigator now has an action for transformation scenes to folder or scenes group and vice versa;
• fixed bug with saving order of recent projects;
• fixed bug with renaming characters and locations in some cases.

Currently this is most stable beta in 0.7.0 branch. And if we'll don't find new critical bugs in next week, I will move it to stable release.

With new release I want to share my development plans. There will be many interesting things. I'm really want to share it right now, but better we'll wait next stabilization :)

I wish you all a good day and sunny mood!

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KIT Scenarist 0.7.0 beta 3

Yo Yo!:)

We have a little update named KIT Scenarist 0.7.0 beta 3.

The new version includes:

• implemented import from Trelby;
• Increase the size of the notes added to the corkboard;
• Fixed a bug where an excessive increase in the scale text editors freeze the program;
• Updated Final Draft templates (adjusted size of the page margins and the top margin for the scene heading blocks);
• Now the state of research tree is saved between sessions;
• When creating a new mindmap, the initial element no longer runs off the screen;
• Improved support for Windows XP (due to some limitations, the most significant - is that the version for XP will not support the addition of Internet links in research module);
• Fixed a bug with the disappearance of the names of characters and locations in Windows;
• Other minor improvements.

And I have a great news: There are two new contributors to our project! About who they are and how they help to develop our KIT, you will learn in the following series !;)

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KIT Scenarist 0.7.0 beta 2


You gave me a feedback, and I give you a new update, which fixes a number of bugs found in previous version:

• implemented undo the last action for the corkboard;
• added context menu for the connections between cards and for notes;
• fixed a bug with the appearance of the card description in the script text;
• windows of adding card now look good even on small screens;
• by pressing F5, or clicking on the appropriate icon on the toolbar you can go to full-screen mode for working with corkboard;
• now the parameters of arranging cards are saved between sessions.

Who has already had time to try - share your feelings on the new tool !? :)

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Say hello to corkboard!


I hope you have been waiting for this. And finally it happened! Corkboard is ready in KIT Scenarist version 0.7.0 beta 1!!!

Of course the bugs may happen, but it's a big work around whis module. As always it was be not so easy but very interesting!

So, what we have and how we can interact with it!?

In the sidebar I added a new tab named "Cards". It contains all that we need. Into this tab you can add cards, notes, horizontal and vertical lines on cork board (look at the buttons on toolbar). To edit the card, note or flow text just make double click on target. The right click is allow you to operate card's colors, add new cards and delete selected (also you can delete items from corkboard with delete keyboard button).

Cards can be freely moved around the work area. You can change their size. You can zoom in and out, as usual in any convenient way. Also, the corkboard can be moved by holding down the space bar on the keyboard and moving mouse with pressed left button. If the workspace you are missing, you can move the card beyond it and it will automatically expand.

If you need to arrange cards, you can do this using the appropriate button on the toolbar. There is one important point - you can not arrange a scheme with folders or groups of schemes.

To change the order of the cards, you need to put the card on the connection between the other two cards.

Cards can be put into folders and scenes groups, just drag them inside and then drop it.

And of course the cards are synchronized with the text of the script. Any changes that you make in the cards appear in the script, and vice versa, all changes that you make in the script are displayed in the cards.

Known issues

The main problem at the moment is to undo the last action in the cards.:) I've figured out how it will function, but until it is ready, and so the first version comes without this functionality.

What's next?

In next releases I'll add undo and the ability to print cards.

This is probably all. If you have questions/suggestions/comments - welcome to the discussion.

Let's go!

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Please, make it more stable!

Hello everybody!

I'm glad to say that the stable version of KIT Scenarist 0.6.2 was released.

In addition to the fixes included in first beta version, a stable version improves even number of points, namely:

fixed a problem with saving the script when it was located on a flash drive, and it has been accidentally removed, or when project file is renamed. Now, application ensures that all changes properly saved and the project file itself has been in place;

• now, if you change the scene to a folder, or to a group of scenes, the entire text of the scene will correctly placed inside a folder or group of scenes;
• fixed problem with exporting outline in DOCX, when all the descriptions of scenes were written in uppercase;
• fixed a problem with the window title update, when you change the name of the script;
• improved the behavior of the search bar.

Application branch under number 0.6 is over and I completely switched to work with the corkboard.

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Work on the bugs in version 0.6.2 beta 1

Salute, Comrades!

We have collected some errors, which can not wait until the release of version with index cards, so I decided to release a minor update to correct them:
- fixed a problem with the fall of the program and save the settings in Mac OS X when closing or opening another project;
- fixed a bug with scaling and spell checking in comments editor;
- fixed a problem with disappearing line breaks in the comments when copying / pasting text to the comment in the script;
- optional backup is now enabled by default. Backup scripts will be stored in a subfolder KITScenarist/backups inside the documens folder. You can change backups destination folder, or disable the backup (which I highly recommend not to do) in the application settings;
- fixed a problem with loosing of word TITLE in preview and in exported files;
- fixed a problem with the script export in the standard Russian template, as shaped by the title page font Courier Prime instead of Courier New;
- fixed an issue where the exported file in MS Word after a change has increased at a rate of as much as 6 megabytes;
- fixed a bug with the embedding Courier Prime font in DOCX-files;
- fixed some problems in mindmap editor: it does not take off more to create complex mindmaps and when you try to move the selected branch, and improved logic of creating edges between nodes.

Also update include a couple of innovations:
- implemented the ability to import and export scripts in Final Draft format (* .FDX);
- added to the program templates compatible with Final Draft A4 and with Final Draft Letter templates.

P.S. Implementation of module with index cards in full swing. We passed somewhere half way. There is still a hard step in forward, and then polishing and public release!

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